Treasure or Pocket Book Tutorial, Page 2.

(c) 2012 Angie Kowalsky


Step 9.

Place fold of finished top over fold of light colored fleece (this will be the inside batting). Cut slightly larger. See *.

Place fold of finished top over neutral lining and cut slightly larger. See *.

*Cut both lining and batting slightly larger as the 2 will be quilted together when the pockets are sewn, and that causes a slight bit of shrinkage. Any excess will be trimmed off later.




Step 10.


Cut 3 (5 x 5" squares) of complimentary fabrics. Sew a 1/4" hem all around each one. (Notice that my far left pocket has a slight point- I should have gone with a new square on that one).

Pin evenly on top side of lining piece which has been laid on fleece inside piece.

My margins were 1" all around and between pocket squares. (Your margins may be different).

Sew on right, bottom, and left sides of squares (joining both lining and fleece fabrics). Be sure that your pockets all face the same side.




Step 11.

Place pocket side of lining right side up, tops of pockets at top.

Place finished Cross Stitch piece right side down, centering over. Make sure that the front Cross Stitch picture is at left, and that the top of Cross Stitch pictures match top of pockets. Pin all around.



Using an 1/4" hem, begin sewing at bottom of piece and sew all around, catching both hems of center piece but leaving entire area open to turn. (Start and end at white dots).

Check both sides to make sure that all seams have been caught by sewing machine. Trim off any excess beyond cross stitch piece.





Step 12.

Very carefully turn right side out, starting at one corner at a time. A pin can be used to very gently pull out corners (too much and they will fray). Handsew raw opening closed with a blind stitch and matching thread.



Step 13.

Choose a button with the sewing hole at bottom, below button. Carefully sew onto right seam beside 2nd Cross Stitch piece.

For the loop closure, I crocheted a chain of 20 with a size 10 hook and size 10 crochet thread, then joined with a sl st in beg chain. After weaving in the ends, I sewed the end to the right side of the top Cross Stitch piece. (You could also use a very thin ribbon).



Your pocket book/treasure book is finished!